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Below here is a story, a story that as of this moment in time has no end, no characters, no setting, no plan.


Session #10

After all the formal and official introductions were done, all the old oaths were honoured and everyone had shaken hands; finally everyone sat down. The table wasn’t an ostentatious affair like some meeting tables. It was simply a slab of thick dark wood resting on six dark wood legs. The people sat around the table […]

Session #9

Quickly the pair moved through the building. Once they had walked through the narrow entrance the building opened up slightly and they began to walk up the spiral staircase located at the back of the Arcaneum. The building was a complete mix of décor inside. There was wood paneled rooms, rooms, rooms covered in flocked […]

Session #8

Another hour passed before Jon’s car turned into a small side street and saw the old 3 story building in front of him. The Arcaneum was a thin building awkwardly sandwiched between two other old buildings, the colours clashing but not quite touching. The building itself was unremarkable, some form of old house or hotel […]

Session #7

As Jon Curnow and Eli Green were traversing through the soaked city streets in their inconspicuous black car, another figure was sat in a coffee shop flicking through her tablet. With her green hoodie sleeves pulled over her palms she nursed a strong black coffee and had to keep flicking the raven coloured hair away […]

Session #6

Jon tried a second time. Staring intently towards the orb and once again contorting his hand this time concentrating more. The space between his fingers distorted, contorted and seemed to almost fold in on itself. The sphere again shook and for a brief split second swelled in size before returning back to it’s original circumference. […]

Session #5

The sphere was beautiful, the floral pattern was enticing and shimmering. Yet still Jon just studied it. With a brief exhale he whiped his right hand upwards and the space between his fingers began to distort and shimmer for a second. There was a fluid yet disjointed movement in is fingers and the orb shook. […]

Session #4

As Jon read he muttered under his breath, paying no attention to the torrent of rain now pounding against the car. He pulled a pen from the case and scribbled red inked notes in the margins of the sheet. He lifted the fountain pen and placed it on the paper again just as the car […]