Session #1

The train sped along the track, the scenery rushing past the window with a blur of greens and browns. The patchwork fields moving past like an ever changing carpet of nature. The sky was overcast and speckled with small blots of blues and yellows as the sun tried its best to peek through the mottled clouds.

It wasn’t long before the fields, trees, and farm houses gave way to warehouses, bridges, and skyscrapers. The tracks carved a path straight across the border between the old city and the new. The old buildings were sandwiched together creating a sprawling maze of thin streets and one-way roads that pressed up against the river on one side and the new city on the other.

The new city was a glistening, glass covered metropolis that ventured from the old city right up to the top of the rolling hills. The buildings themselves were a myriad of futuristic monoliths slicing into the sky like shimming knives. Separated by huge roads, wide paths and its underground carved up by an intricate subway system.

The shaking train began to slow and move deliberately as it snaked along the tracks towards the riverside station. As the train creeped into the station the tannoy sparked to life.

‘This train terminates here, please check you have all your belongings with you before alighting the train’

People began to rise from their seats as if there was no time to delay. A businessman packed up his laptop, a student finished scribbling on a coffee stained piece of paper, a hen party downed their drinks and began singing, and a young boy was woken from a nap; much to his annoyance.

A few minutes later the train squealed to a halt, the doors beeped open and the people moved out of the train en mass. The former sardines piled onto the platform leaving the train empty except for one spectacled man.

He sat calmly with his old leather briefcase squarely on his lap waiting for the train to clear. When the last passengers foot pressed against the platform he straightened his blue tie and stood up. As he walked through the carriage he buttoned up the jacket of his grey three-piece suit. His black Oxfords made a satisfying click as he alighted onto the platform.

The train doors hissed closed and the platform, that only moments before had been swarming, was now desolate; occupied by only one man in a grey suit.


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