Session #2

He continued to click his way down the stone platform towards the automated ticket gates in the distance. From his vantage point he could see the great mass of people queuing and pushing as they waited to get through the thin gates and into the city. He took his time moving towards them, simply binding his time until the frenzied travelers had swiped their tickets. He was in no particular rush.

By the time his meandering walk had taken him to the ticket gates the crowd had dispersed and once again it was quiet; at least for the next few minutes. He swiped his ticket over the sensor and with a beep and a clunk the gates opened. As he walked through he turned towards the huge stone archway that formed the entrance.

The archway had once simply been open to the elements but now was mostly inlaid with huge panes of thick glistening glass. The giant window was dotted with a set of sliding doors that moved silently to the side whenever someone walked close enough. The crystal like glass and old pockmarked stone was a perfect example of the city. The old and the new sitting side by side but never quite mixing.

The moment he stepped out of the station the city exploded into life in front of him. People practically ran to and fro trying to go about whatever business they perceived was important. While scores of cars, taxis, bikes and all other forms of transport beeped and revved as they navigated the thin streets on the edge of the old city.

Through the people he could see the new buildings dominating the skyline just a few hundred meters in front of him, and he new that just behind him and the station was the river that ran straight as an arrow towards the sea.

The man headed through the crowd, deftly snaking and dodging his way through until he reached the edge of the road and the start of the taxi rank. It only took a few seconds before he saw the short portly man holding placard bearing his name. As he drew closer to the man wearing an extremely ill fitting black suit the sky began to darken, and a few small droplets of rain smacked against the pavement.

‘Ah! Mr Curnow a pleasure to see you again. The train was delayed somewhat I presume?’ The man spoke quickly depositing the placard into the vehicle and opening the passenger door.

‘No delay at all, unlike most people I’m in no particular rush.’ He paused outside the car unbuttoning his jacket and placing his briefcase into the car. ‘Please, call me Jon’

‘I am afraid it is a habit I will not be leaving behind any time soon Mr Curnow’ The driver said respectfully as the door was closed behind his passenger.

The sleek unassuming black car began to pull out of the parking space as the heavens opened and the rain formed a torrent seeking to drench the city.


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