Session #3

After a what felt like far too long the car managed to pull out into the stream of congested traffic. Eli Green, the vehicle’s heavy set driver, weaved the car through a set of turnings and intersections heading deeper into the old area of the city.

‘It might take slight longer than usual Sir, some of the old gas pipes on Salter Street are leaking. The whole area is cordoned off.’ Green called to Jon in the rear of the vehicle.

‘It’s not a problem Eli, I have some things to attend to anyway’ Jon replied while he straightened his spectacles and clicked open the locks of his briefcase.

The case opened up to reveal a collection of papers, various pens, an array of glasses (each one filled with different coloured lenses), and a pocket magnifying glass.
With a swift automatic lick of his thumb he rifled through the papers finding the specific one he required. The paper was covered in notes of an almost illegible scrawl that was Jon’s shorthand.


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