Session #6

Jon tried a second time. Staring intently towards the orb and once again contorting his hand this time concentrating more. The space between his fingers distorted, contorted and seemed to almost fold in on itself. The sphere again shook and for a brief split second swelled in size before returning back to it’s original circumference.

‘Ha! I knew there was something in this’ Jon said under his breath.

The car still snaked its way through the congested traffic, horns beeping and engines revving from every angle. Everyone trying to find their way through the almost stationary traffic to no avail. The rain was now soaking through the old cobbled streets and the clouds simply grew darker overhead. As the rain rattled on the windows a ringing came from Jon’s pocket.

He pulled out the phone and read the name across the display ‘Curator Ambrose’. He gave a long sigh and answer the call.

‘Hello Ambrose, what can I do for you on this fine day?’ Jon said ambivalently.

‘You damn well know exactly what you can do for me this ”fine” day Curnow! I have a group of Curators here who have travelled a damn fair distance to be in this crap stain of a city. All to see the Sphere of…’

Jon Curnow stopped listening to the phone altogether and placed it next to him on the seat, the shouting voice of Ambrose lightly echoing through the speaker.

‘Ambrose annoyed as per usual I assume Sir?’ Eli craned his head backwards

‘He’s never in a good mood, just usually he’s further away’

It was then that the faint voice of Ambrose could be heard from the phone, ‘Hello? Are you there Curnow? CURNOW?!’

Jon quickly picked up the phone, ‘Hello, yes sorry Ambrose. It’s this weather couldn’t hear you very well. I’m sure Eli will get me there as soon as he can’ and with that he clicked off the call and swiftly turned on the phone.


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