Session #7

As Jon Curnow and Eli Green were traversing through the soaked city streets in their inconspicuous black car, another figure was sat in a coffee shop flicking through her tablet. With her green hoodie sleeves pulled over her palms she nursed a strong black coffee and had to keep flicking the raven coloured hair away from her eyes. Slowly skimming through an ebook her lips moved along with the words, concentration painted on her face.

‘To free the shape and form will reveal the path to follow’ She read quietly from the book shaking her head as she did. ‘I thought I was finally getting somewhere with this stuff… Yet none of this makes any sense’ She thought whilst rubbing her temple in frustration.

She put the tablet down and gazed out of the window, watching the rain bounce on the pure black asphalt road. She quickly gazed around the coffee shop to see if anyone was looking her way. When she was sure all the businessmen and hipsters were too busy tapping away on their thin silver laptops she breathed out and moved her hands underneath the table.

Her hands shook as she held them apart, palms pointing inwards. Again she breathed out and slowly moved her hands further away from each other. As she did the area in between her hands seemed to magnify and swell. She rigidly moved her fingers with snap like motion and looked out of the window, focusing on a raindrop. With speed she moved her hands flat and just before the droplet hit the road, reality seemed fold away below it. Then with a quiet drip the raindrop splatted onto the wooden table she was sat at.

Feeling exhausted but proud she gave a smile and a sigh of relief. ‘At least I’m getting better at that’ She thought to herself.


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