Session #8

Another hour passed before Jon’s car turned into a small side street and saw the old 3 story building in front of him. The Arcaneum was a thin building awkwardly sandwiched between two other old buildings, the colours clashing but not quite touching. The building itself was unremarkable, some form of old house or hotel or store years ago when the city was an industrial powerhouse.

Jon got out of the car and knocked lightly on the old door as Eli parked the car in a small ally opposite. The door opened and an Jon was met by a greying man with short quiffed hair and a thick moustache. He did not look pleased.

‘Ambrose! I told you we’d be here as soon as we could.’ Jon said smiling at the older, much angrier man.

‘Curator Curnow get the Hell in here! And trust me as annoyed as I am they are all much worse.’

‘Well what are we doing here arguing here then? Shall we head inside?’

Ambrose stood for a second, a mixture of bemusement and anger across his face.


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