Session #9

Quickly the pair moved through the building. Once they had walked through the narrow entrance the building opened up slightly and they began to walk up the spiral staircase located at the back of the Arcaneum. The building was a complete mix of décor inside. There was wood paneled rooms, rooms, rooms covered in flocked wallpaper, even a room that has walls lined with metal. It was an eclectic mix that at certain times had a purpose to be decorated that way.

As the men ascended to the top floor chattering could be heard coming from the room at the end of the hallway.

‘Please tell me you actually have it, and this isn’t one of your damn schemes’ Ambrose said as he stood in front of Jon.

Hey Ambrose, my “schemes” always pan out. Ambrose’s face dropped but before he had a chance to say anything Jon carried on. ‘But I promise this isn’t one of those times. I do have the sphere.’ Jon said matter-of-factly as he side stepped around the still furious Ambrose and continued on toward the door at the end of the hallway.

He opened the thick wooden door and was greeted by 6 faces all staring at him with a mix of emotions painted across them.

‘Hello, welcome to my Arcaneum. You weren’t waiting on me were you?’ Jon Curnow said smiling.


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