Session #10

After all the formal and official introductions were done, all the old oaths were honoured and everyone had shaken hands; finally everyone sat down. The table wasn’t an ostentatious affair like some meeting tables. It was simply a slab of thick dark wood resting on six dark wood legs.

The people sat around the table were on the other hand quite ostentatious, even more so when they were sat next to each other. The six men (including Curnow and Ambrose) all wore some form of suit; except one man, Curator Lane, who was sat with his sandalled feet on the table dressed in baggy blue shorts and a extremely floral shirt. The two women in the room wore outfits as if they had walked straight out of a high profile business meeting. The most interesting thing to note about Miss Wake and Mrs Cross was the fact they sat opposite each other and stared at each other with pure disdain.

‘Hey man, ya know I love this city and all, especially that bar… ahh crap what’s that place called?’ Curator Lane said as he moved the mop of hair from his face and began drumming on his chin.

‘Dixie’s’ Jon said leaning across the table a smile on his face, his mind backtracking to favoured memories.

‘Hah! Yeah that’s the place! Dixie’s… what bar man… anyway I love this city but what ya got there. We better make it snappy.’ He called across the table while pointing to Jon’s briefcase.

Jon simply nodded and opened the case. Gasps and murmurs resonated around the room as he placed the beautiful golden sphere onto the table. A few seconds past where there was nothing but silence, everyone was just staring at the orb. Ambrose was the first person to break the silence.

‘I think we can all ascertain just by looking at it that this in fact the fabled Sphere of Cairndun’ Ambrose tried to continue speaking but his voice just trailed off.


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